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Snake Canyon, Oman (Right Fork)

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City Rustaq
Date 23 September 2023, Saturday
Time 08:00 am*
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Snake Canyon, locally known as Seer Al Zamah, is a world famous destination for canyoning. The canyon "snakes" it's way through Wadi Bani Awf with breathtaking cliffs, narrow adventurous paths, blue pools, steep rappels and big jumps into blue pools.
Depending on the water level there is even a swim thru, a short duck through a passage completely under water.

There are 2 forks to Snake Canyon. Our regular trip takes the right fork of the canyon, the longest, steepest and narrowest fork. It is necessary to downclimb ropes, abseil and some jumps.

The left fork starts in a different location and is gentler introduction to canyoning and then meets the right fork before continuing to the village of Al Zamah. We also offer this from time to time.

The track towards Snake Canyon is narrow, steep, precipitous and loose and a 4WD is a must. We organise the shuttle between the start and the end of the canyon as the return journey can be walked on the track but would take 2 hours.

Part way along the canyon we stop for snacks and a drink and of course to take pictures. A waterproof phone and camera is mandatory. During the winter months the canyon is definitely not hot and can be extremely cold so either a dry bag with warm clothes or wetsuit is advisable. You will get wet whatever the season.
Footwear with adequate ankle support and a suitable sole for slippery rocks. Remember you have to swim with them.
Don’t forget to take an extra set of cloth which we leave at the exit for the returning trip.

The nearby area and plateaus are also perfect for camping. We offer weekends either camping or at the local guest houses in the mountains run by local Omanis as well as trekking in the Hajar mountains.

Weekend extension
The weekend here in Oman is Friday and Saturday. On Saturdays we usually do Snake Canyon. See questions for further details and staying for 2 nights.

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • What is included in the price

    All safety equipment including ropes, harness.
    The group meets normally in Rustaq and we travel together to the start of the canyon.
    If the group is camping, alternative arrangements are made.
    We normally meet at 8am and finished by mid to late afternoon.
    We always drive a short way to the picturesque village of Balad Sayat before the start and from here get a view into the mouth of the snake.

  • What is not included

    Travel to Oman or Rustaq
    Accommodation . (Suggested places to stay can be provided)
    We also offer this trip as an overnight weekend trip which includes a hike.

  • Who will be my leader

    Sean has lived in Dubai for 12 years and splits his time between Oman, Dubai and the Pyrenees.
    He has led 4 expeditions to the summit of Everest and 15 expeditions to mountains over 8000m as well as many around the globe.
    If we employ further guides they will be qualified and experienced mountain guides or mountaineering instructors.

  • What equipment do I need

    When you sign up we go through everything that you will need.

    Safety equipment is provided.
    You will need shoes that are capable of getting wet, clothes that can get wet.
    We will also check any equipment you have before you depart each morning.

  • What level of experience do I need

    Participants vary and we try to steer similar abilities to the same trip.
    No prior climbing or trekking experience is needed for most of the groups just a basic level of fitness.
    Its a good idea to swim as a great deal of the canyon is swimming through pools and jumping into water
    If you cannot swim or are a weaker swimmer and feel uncomfortable, please contact us before and we can provide additional staff and measures (at additional cost)
    However once you sign up we expect you to take regular exercise and treks in the build up.
    This is the bigger, right hand fork of Snake Canyon and the whole canyon can take 4 hours.

  • What are your contact details

    Sean lives in Muscat, Dubai and the Pyrenees and as he is guiding the trips he is frequently travelling.
    All messages will be responded to as quickly as possible.
    Try these different options
    Whatsapp +447507886417
    UAE +971585528611
    FR +33645518199
    SP +34605128807
    [email protected]

    Zoom is also available

  • Can I see more pictures and examples of the things that you do?

    Of course, email us at [email protected] for a link to more galleries

  • Accommodation ?

    Everybody has different tastes and budgets so we leave the booking of accommodation to you.
    We have suggestions and can help you to find something suitable.

  • Is this suitable for children

    Teenagers are welcome but this is a canyon and all clients should be comfortable swimming and jumping into pool. Please let us know in advance if you are under 15.

  • What other courses do you offer?

    They are all available on PremierOnline. We also offer expeditions and summer courses.

    Everest Summit 8848m
    Lhotse Summit 8516m

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  • About the full weekend trip ?

    You can choose to arrive on Friday morning and have an active day, hiking and exploring other wadis before we set up your camp on a high plateau and prepare your BBQ. Sleeping under the stars you are ready for the next day and Snake Canyon.
    All camping equipment, lunch and dinner on Friday is provided as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
    You are of course welcome to bring your own treats such as marshmellows to melt over the fire at night.

Included: Refreshments
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Sean James Mountaineering

Location: Rustaq

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