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K2 8611m / Broad Peak 8047m, Pakistan

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City Islamabad
Date 17 June 2023, Saturday
Time 05:00 am*
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K2 Summit 8611m / Broad Peak Summit 8047m - June 2023 - Work with us to achieve your goals
This is an expedition to climb the 2nd and 12th highest mountains in the world.
The total cost is 275 000 AED.
Below you will find 3 payments.
Sign up fee
Payment 1
Final Payment.
Each has a date on it that it must be paid. You can pay all at once in which case contact me for a discount code.
You will be led all the way by your guide, Sean has lived in Dubai for over 12 years and has led multiple successful summits of Everest in addition to many 8000m peaks.
He has worked for US, UK and Australian companies and also has his own groups.
All expedition members are fully prepared and once you contact us, we ensure your training, preparation, visas and individual needs are catered for.
Training weekends are included and held in Dubai.
There is nothing like standing on top of an 8000m peak and the buildup to this expedition whether you undertake it in 2023 or later years is a memory that will last with you for a long time.
Before you signup, contact us for further details and an informal chat.
See the questions below for more detail but of course we expect you to ask more questions.
As a climbing expedition member you are entitled to bring family and friends at a discounted rate on the trek to K2 Basecamp
See FAQ & Downloads for more information or contact [email protected]

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Sign up fee K2 & Broad Peak
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Payment 1 - 01.10.2022
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Final Payment - 01.01.2023
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • What is included in the price?

    • Airport/Hotel/airport transfers
    • 5 nights’ accommodation at hotel in Islamabad with breakfast and all taxes
    • Fly from Islamabad – Skardu– Islamabad and 75kgs luggage to Base camp and back
    • All Broad Peak & K2 permits and royalties
    • All camping facilities and meals during the expedition including tent (one member = one tent) at Base camp.
    • Kitchen and Dining equipment, Eating utensils, Shower Tents, Toilet Tent, Store Tent, etc
    • Twin sharing HA tents above BC 2 sharing Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 3. 3 sharing at Camp 4.
    • All porter wages costs from Skardu to Base camp and back.
    • All costs for support staff (guide, cook, kitchen helpers, and porters)
    • Liaison officer, his fee, daily wages, equipment, clothing, accommodation, flight, meals and insurance
    • Expedition handling fees
    • Garbage deposit for Ministry of Tourism
    • HA food till Camp 4 and summit
    • EPI Gas and HA cooking stoves above Base Camp till Camp 4
    • Oxygen – 4

  • Is this to the summit of K2 and Broad Peak?

    Yes to the very top of the 2nd and 12th highest mountains in the world.
    However if you want to join the trek to Basecamp with the climbers please contact us and sign up for the trek below.
    If your dream is to climb K2 or Everest 1 day but you don't feel ready yet, contact us and we can plan what you need to do to get there.

  • What training is included before we leave?

    1 weekend in the UAE in January is provided for members to get to know each other and hike the great trails here.
    2 technical sessions, each half day are provided free of charge in the UAE that cover all the skills necessary before you go.
    Additional sessions are available at discounted rates.
    Additional mountains in the build up to K2 are also available.
    We also have a base in the French Pyrenees at 2000m and run altitude training trips there.

  • Can we join the group and just trek to K2 Basecamp?

    Absolutely, the whole K2 Basecamp Trek is about 16 days, Islamabad to Islamabad.
    You are guided all the way.
    Contact us for a special discount code to sign up for the trek and the exact itinerary.

  • What level of experience do I need to sign up for the summit?

    We insist that you have climbed at least 1 8000m peak. This does not need to be with us.
    You must be conversant and knowledgeable about the expedition process and technical climbing.
    If you are concerned about this please contact us and we can advise on how to go about this.
    It is not an obstacle and although more experience will definitely help you, there is a saying "The mountain does not know how much experience you have". This applies both ways. All of our trips are run with safety at the forefront.
    Applicants for the K2 expedition should be fully conversant with mountaineering techniques and have a proven high altitude climbing experience of 8000m. Although fixed ropes will be used where appropriate, expedition members must have the ability to climb mixed ground of AD or equivalent standard and be adequately self-sufficient to move between and to live in high mountain camps un-aided or supervised.
    We can help you gain the necessary experience.

  • Can I contact you and meet up before we sign up?

    Please do and infact we would prefer to meet in person before you sign up with us.

  • What is not included ?

    What is not included

    • International flights and airport taxes.
    • Visa fees
    • Bar bills and laundry.
    • Travel insurance
    • Lunch and evening meals in Kathmandu.
    • Tips for driver, guide, porter, BC staff and climbing Sherpas
    • Any other expenses incurred except mentioned in above ‘included’ items.
    • Personal equipment as mentioned below
    • Ice axe, Crampons and Climbing boots
    • Four season sleeping bag for base camp use and above
    • Harness
    • Jumar/ascender
    • 3 x tape slings
    • 2 x screw-gate karabiners
    • Descender/abseil device
    • Prussic loops
    • Plastic mountaineering boots and Neoprene over boots
    • Globes, Sun glasses, Snow glacess, Down suit or duvet/salopette combination, warm wolloen socks, well broken in trekking shoes, trekking poles etc.
    • Successful Climbing Bonus for the Sherpa – (USD 1500 recommended)

  • How long is the trip?

    Approximatley 50-60 days.
    We climb Broad Peak first and it is useful acclimatisation. We then rest and are ready for K2. This minimises the time we are on K2 .
    We arrive in Islamabad in mid / early June each year to ensure we are ready for any windows of opportunity with the weather.
    A slow acclimatisation is essential and increases summit success.
    There are a number of rotations up and down the mountain during this period and this amount of time allows for any illnesses and unforeseen incidents.

  • Is it safe?

    Climbing and mountaineering are inherently dangerous sports and should be performed only with the proper instruction and supervision of an experienced guide
    We work on the premise that the inherent risks of outdoor activities and mountain climbing can be in part identified and mitigated by information, training, interesting gear and knowledge gained in part, through the experiences of others.
    Although many people have now climbed Everest and K2 , the mountain and its potential dangers are undiminished. Reaching the summit late in the day can be a fatal error and our guides will ensure that sensible timings are adhered to. The aim of our expedition will be to get as many team members as possible to the summit. However, this will not be to the detriment of safety. Safety will govern all decision making on the mountain and will be based on the sound mountaineering judgement of our highly experienced expedition leader.

  • Can you take me on other mountains before K2?

    Yes. We are a professional and established mountaineering company. Whatever your level of experience we can provide adventures in the mountains.
    We have hikes and climbs in the UAE and all over the world from Argentina to Russia and Pakistan.
    We will eventually add them here but in the meantime contact us for your customised path to the roof of the world.

  • Can you tell me more details about the climb?


    The standard route of ascent is the Abruzzi Spur, used by 75% of all climbers, located on the Pakistani side.
    It was first attempted by Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi in 1909. This is the peak's southeast ridge, rising above the Godwin-Austen Glacier. The spur proper begins at an altitude of 5,400 metres where Advanced Base Camp is usually placed. The route follows an alternating series of rock ribs, snow/ice fields, and some technical rock climbing on two famous features, "House's Chimney" and the "Black Pyramid." Above the Black Pyramid, dangerously exposed and difficult to navigate slopes lead to the easily visible "Shoulder", and thence to the summit. The last major obstacle is a narrow couloir known as the "Bottleneck", which places climbers dangerously close to a wall of seracs that form an ice cliff to the east of the summit.

    Many teams today use the moderate climbing on Broad Peak to acclimitize for a rapid alpine style ascent of K2. The ma

  • Do you have a recommended list of equipment?

    When you sign up we arrange a personal meeting and go through everything that you will need. You will have climbed before and have some equipment. Our connections with retailers will give you a discount and ensure you look good and are safe.
    • Ice axe
    • Crampons
    • 2*Four season sleeping bag for base camp use and high camps
    • Harness
    • Jumar/ascender
    • 3 x tape slings
    • 2 x screwgate karabiners
    • Descender/abseil device
    • Prussic loops
    • Plastic mountaineering boots and Neoprene overboots
    • Down suit or duvet/salopette combination
    We can provide assistance with obtaining equipment not normally stocked by retail outlets. Some items of equipment are available for hire from us but, for this expedition, we strongly recommend that you purchase your own personal equipment and test it before departure.

  • Who will be my leader?

    Sean is your western guide.
    He has lived in Dubai for 12 years and splits his time between here and the Pyrenees.
    He has led 5 expeditions to the summit of Everest and 15 expeditions to mountains over 8000m as well as many around the globe.
    If we employ further western guides they will be qualified and experienced mountain guides or mountaineering instructors.
    We also ensure that all of our Sherpas have a good track record of mountaineering at high altitudes.
    Our lead Sherpa has summited Everest 12 times and K2 twice.

    Whilst qualifications and experience are essential requirements, we also make sure that our Sherpas have the right temperament to lead an expedition comprised of individuals who have a range of previous experience and expectations. To that end, we aim to provide a staff (and clients ) who will make the expedition both successful and enjoyable throughout.
    All of our staff are personally known to us, having normally worked several expeditions for us previously.

  • What about acclimatisation?

    To enable all expedition members to acclimatize well and so maximize their chance of success, the expedition will be nearly 8weeks long. Adaptation to the altitude takes time and there can be no short-cuts, even if supplementary oxygen is used in the final stages. The atmospheric pressure at base camp (5,500m) is half that at sea level. On the summit, it is only one third. A thorough programme of acclimatization is built into the itinerary, which consists of regulated height gains, followed by descent and rest. Before the final ascent to the summit, there will be an opportunity for climbers to descend to one of the many teahouses below base camp for a good rest in preparation for the toughest stage of the expedition, the climb to the summit.
    We also have home base acclimatisation units that can be bought or hired at additional cost.

  • Do you have references or previous clients that I can speak to?

    Of course.
    This works in our favor as we love our clients and our clients love us.
    Contact us.

  • The price for the expedition is high?

    The average price to climb K2 and Broad Peak safely and supported is now 80 000 USD and can range to 120 000 USD for luxury packages that include unlimited oxygen, western chefs at basecamp and 2 sherpas for 1 client.
    We are based in the middle of this range but do not take shortcuts on safety . We keep the maximum size of the group to 6 climbers ensuring that Sean is in contact at every moment with each of them.
    Our basecamp reflects this.
    It is quiet, peaceful and a learning place.
    This closed bubble also helps prevent illnesses from spreading as they will in a large basecamp.
    Would you rather be with 20 other climbers?

  • Is there a discount available?

    Everything is priced to provide the best possible service.

    We can provide a discount for -

    return clients
    clients who book multiple trips (such as Everest, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro or Aconcagua)
    family and friends of clients who want to trek to basecamps (such as Everest or K2)
    group bookings of 2 or more

Included: Certificate, Pre event advice
Refund Policy: Premier Online guarantees your right to cancel and receive a refund (subject to applicable fees) for paid events within specified time limits.

* Some events have multiple start times and many events request attendees to arrive by a certain time; Please check the Event Information section above for details or contact the organizer for clarification.

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