National Obstacle Series (NOS) - Series 1 Al Mouj

Friday, 06.04.2018

Start Timefrom 05:00 pm*
CountryOman Oman
*some events may have multiple start times, please check details below.
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Registration closed on 05.04.2018 11:59 PM.
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NOS is the ONLY inflatable obstacle series in Oman. In fact, it’s the only one in the whole region!

State-of-the-art branded obstacles have been custom made and imported, to bring you a race designed to challenge competitors, entertain spectators, and reward everyone with a fun-filled day out.

The 3km race (for adults – it’s only 1km for juniors), features 10 of the world’s largest inflatable obstacles, placed at strategic points around some of Oman’s most beautiful venues.

Included:Refreshments, Timing, Finisher Medal, NOS T-shirt
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You hereby agree the following:
You must bring photographic ID (ID card, passport or driving license) to the Event in order to identify yourself.
If you are aged under 16, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the entire duration of the course (at the same start time).
If you do not comply with the above, you acknowledge that you shall not be allowed to participate in the Event.

Where applicable, all references to “you” or “your” in these terms and conditions shall also apply to a Child Participant on whose behalf a Legal Guardian is signing.

If you are acting as a Legal Guardian, you confirm that you are aged 18 or over and have the capacity to agree to these terms and conditions.
If you are acting as a responsible adult and accompanying one or more Child Participants on the course, you agree that you are aged 18 or over and have the capacity to agree to these terms and conditions.
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You confirm that any Child Participant is aged 6 years or over on the date of the Event.
You confirm that any Teen Participant is aged 14 years or over on the date of the Event.
You confirm that if any mental or physical condition arises prior to the Event which is likely to affect your/the Child Participant’s ability to participate, you must inform NOS immediately and NOS ?reserves the right to require you to withdraw from the Event without a refund.
You confirm that you are not/the Child Participant are not:
– on prescribed medication;
– pregnant or breastfeeding;
– suffering from any broken bones and/or serious muscles sprains and/or strains; or suffering from (and have ever suffered from) any medical, physical or mental limitation or ?condition which may affect your/the Child Participant’s participation in the Event, including but not limited to: heart problems; (i) diabetes; (ii) asthma; (iii) back or neck problems; (iv) epilepsy; (v) allergies or skin complaints; (vi) migraines; and (vii) phobias and/or panic attacks.
If one of the circumstances listed above applies to you/the Child Participant, you must inform NOS ?and get written medical approval to participate in the Event, to the satisfaction of NOS.

Competitors will have a staggered start i.e. heats of 35 – 50 competitors on a first come first served basis. Heats will be set-off every 2mins.
The course will remain open for 180mins (3 hours). Contestants can do as many laps of the course as they want during this period. Overall winners in the male and female category will be decided by the competitors who have the fastest lap time over a single lap. There will also be an endurance winner for the competitors who complete the most laps. If there are more than one competitor who has done the same number of total laps winners will be decided by the person with the best time over those completed laps.
Start time the first heat may vary from race to race. Information will be available under the specific event on registration.
Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and top 3 female competitors.

All competitors are required to indicate complete and correct data in the registration form.
All competitors are required to sign an indemnity form at registration or on the day.
All participants will be allocated a timing chip. All timing chips need to be returned to claim ‘free gifts’ or/and prizes. Failure to return a timing chip may result in the competitor being charged 50/-OMR for that chip.

Any cheating results in immediate disqualification. The following shall be considered as cheating:

Completion of obstacles is mandatory – skipping any obstacle will lead to disqualification.
Failure to follow specified route and use of shortcuts. A competitor is responsible for staying on the route.
Intentional altering of the route marking by a competitor.
Leaving or dropping of any part of clothing with which a competitor originally started on. Each part of clothing and equipment must go through all obstacles and nothing can be left on a route. We mean also camelbags, flags, decorations, wigs, masks, costumes, etc. It is forbidden to use tourist, trekking or ski sticks, metal spikes on shoe soles, etc.
Running without the starting number (BIB) or its intentional covering, soiling, hiding, or removing of the starting number. Each competitor has to be identified with his/her starting number on the front and rear side
Every person who throws waste on the route, outside refreshment station, will be disqualified.

Unsportsmanlike conduct
Each participant is expected to behave in accordance with spirit of sportsmanship during the whole sporting event. Unsportsmanlike behaviour is the reason for disqualification, exclusion from the competition, expulsion for one year, or lifetime exclusion from all races, depending on the fault severity and on the decision of organizers.

Slow runners
Slow competitors must allow faster athletes to overtake. Deliberate obstructing of faster runners in overtaking at any part of a route will be classified as “Unsportsmanlike behaviour”.

Every person who throws waste on the route, outside refreshment station, will be disqualified.

Health and safety
If a competitor is a witness to accident and injury which require immediate medical attention, he/she cannot continue on until someone from organizers reach the place. Failure to provide help to the competitor in need of such medical assistance will be considered as “Unsportsmanlike behaviour”. Each competitor is expected to use his/her own best judgement in regard to seriousness of the injury in order to decide if he/she should stay and help the person in difficulty and need, or run for help to the nearest obstacle. A competitor has to understand that his/her decision in favour of injured person.

Up to 1,000/-OMR in total prize money is available to the winners of the male and female categories, at the discretion of the race organisers. This value may change without any prior notification.
The top three individual runners of each event will receive free tickets – free entry to the next race.
Free tickets are valid for one year since the date of race on which they were obtained.
Prizes for winners who will not attend award ceremonies in person shall forfeit. Nothing will be sent by post.
A competitor is responsible for correct mounting and wearing of timing chip through all check points on a route and at a finish.
If a competitor loses his/her timing chip, he/she has to inform an NOS representative about it immediately. Such competitor won’t have his/her official time confirmed until it is approved by the Director of the Race.
DNF (Do Not Finish) – Any loss of the chip, or missing record from a check point, may lead to disqualification.
Team results:
Each team consisting of 5 or more members will be included automatically into the team evaluation. In order to be evaluated, the team must have at least 4 members who finished the race.
Times of all team members will be recorded.
Teams can be mixed – men and women together.
Any competitor’s protests regarding preliminary results, breach of rules or route, or complaints on behaviour or acts of other competitors can be declared no later than 1 hour prior to the award ceremony.
Protests shall be declared orally, directly to the Race Director.
In the case of justified protest, the fee will be returned.

In the case of very bad weather or other natural disasters, or by other organizational or technical reasons, the organizers of the National Obstacle Series Oman reserve the right to change, modify the part of, or the whole, route, as well as some obstacles, or suspend or terminate entire race on behalf of preservation of health and safety of competitors, organizers and audience. In the case that competitors will be requested to suspend or terminate an activity for above mentioned reasons, they shall do so immediately.

These rules are not final and will be continuously modified, updated and amended by the Director of the Race, depending on situation.