National Obstacle Series (NOS) - Series 1 Al Mouj

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Gaurav B. - 12.04.2018

“Not organised properly - - No Proper signage were provided. - Crew members were not aware how to direct new comers. - No clear instructions were provided. - Paid spectator fees even when it was mentioned that one spectator was free with one participant. ”

Sheldon B. - 08.04.2018

“Very well organised - Great and lots of fun, would do the time trial next time”

Anonymous - 08.04.2018

“Good but a little expensive - Overall this was a good event, however, there needed to be a little more information about the type of obstacles that would be faced - i.e. the fact there was a water obstacle. I would suggest informing people that they need to complete a disclaimer for the race prior to taking payment or make it clear that the disclaimer could be signed at the event or printed at home. More drinking water would have been good along with more information about the timed race - this wasn't clear until the event.”

Muhammad T. - 06.04.2018

“Lots of improvements points - - route signage was bad, in some places, nobody knew where to go - photo-walls were dark at night; no lighting plan - start point was so hidden, almost nobody knew where to start - the obstacles should challenge physically at some point but they were very easy overall”

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