XTRAIL Al Ain Run Challenge

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Peter P. - 13.03.2023

“A good location, very near to the Zoo, intrance included, peaceful atmosphere and friendly, helpful staffs; a medal for each partizipant, parking possible there and a very calm area.”

Anonymous - 10.03.2023

“Poor organization at all times. No live results, official pics can't be downloaded, results were a chaos, same people on podium for overall positions in each category and again in age group as well. My second event with Apex since last year but no improvements. Would not recommend anyone for it.”

Lucille R. - 09.03.2023

“thygggfvvbnnn thhh tthh ttgg yyy”

Alaa A. - 07.03.2023

“Wish they were more organized, especially by sending email reminders or links to the results and pictures, as other organizers do (without naming names)! Most people understand that the basic information and instructions are mentioned in the main webpage, but it wouldn't hurt to remind us again, which will surely build the excitement and anticipation for all. ”

Anonymous - 06.03.2023

“تجربة جميلة ومثرية ، وشكرًا للمتطوعين والمنظمين.”

Anonymous - 06.03.2023

“Nice experience & well organized ”

Rohela K. - 06.03.2023

“In terms of 1/2/3 place category winners should not be awarded overall category and vice versa. Start time should be when you cross the start line with your chip timer and not gun time. Let’s hope the above points can be implemented to promote future attendance for races.”

Ruan B. - 06.03.2023

“Well organized by organizers. Race started on time and was a nice track for beginners and seniors. ”

Bryan N. - 06.03.2023

“First 5K I've done in years . Organization of the race was great ! Thanks. I hope all events on Premiere Site in the UAE will mention if they're kid friendly. If we had known that we could have brought our young kids and done the 1km race with our 5year old son, then we would have done that. We didn't know until we saw other children there. Other than this, it was a great organized event”

Emanuela C. - 06.03.2023

“The route wasn’t as as expected for 10 k Rewarding ceremony was a bit confusing, as only one trophy overall and the rest of the top 3 athletes will just get another medal that looks the same as a finisher medal . Definitely I won’t be joining this race again .”

Anonymous - 06.03.2023

“The event was so good ”

Meqdad M. - 06.03.2023

“Not enough marshals runners were cheating ”

Fatema A. - 06.03.2023

“Bib no. Wasn’t sent by email . It wasn’t mentioned the band should be in left leg , and there is different color of wrist band . Before starting the race by few min. It was announced what to do and how to wear them . Should be more organized. We finished our run and checking online for the result , however it wasn’t there !”

Betsy B. - 06.03.2023

“Really fun event and with the bonus of free zoo entry afterwards! The only thing that could have made it better were some bathrooms on site rather than a long ways off. ”

Sanja B. - 06.03.2023

“Fun race and affordable for the whole family.”

Xander B. - 06.03.2023

“Nice race and medal. Also affordable.”

Stanislav B. - 06.03.2023

“Very well organized! Please repeat. ”

Meg M. - 06.03.2023

“Results app did not work”

Maryam W. - 06.03.2023

“This was a really fun event. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only problem was timing. As always with this organizer, it was impossible to get our official times. A day later I still don’t have my official time and I have no idea how to access the pictures. Otherwise I loved this run and will certainly do it again.”

Anonymous - 06.03.2023

“I just want to keep in touch”

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