X3 Junior Triathlon presented by Meraas

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3.9 Results were not fair ! · Participation 1 time I would take part again No
6.8 Great event but poorly managed · Participation 2 times I would take part again Maybe

“Course was not good & the marshaling was terrible”

8.0 Good event, a bit chaotic Simon Carter · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Event generally was great with a good atmosphere. I think more needs to be done to clean up the transition area as there were a huge number of parents in transition and kids that were racing were often obstructed. Some of the marshalls were also getting a bit confused with the laps on the 4-5yo bike course, one was insisting my daughter had to do another lap when she'd done 2 already, nobody other than parents seemed to have much clue how far they'd been.”

7.3 Great idea, but event management poor Rafal Spychala · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes
Edited on 03.12.2018

“- great location, parking was very close to event location - collection and registration process went smooth - transition place could be bigger however it was similar to last year and was expected - there was no briefing at the beginning of event (no idea about number of laps for bike course) - starting point wasn't marked correctly - bike course could be bigger, there was no enough space to go fast. - marshalls at least 2 time gave wrong information”

4.3 Disappointed · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“Absolute Chaos! I had kids in the 4-5, 8-9 and 12-13 Advanced heats. And not one of these heats was supervised properly. In the 12-13 Advanced one child was told to do extra rounds of cycling, while the other only did one. I think it will be better supervised if the cycling/ running is one length / track and laps are needed. Transition area was manic with no numbered racks !! ”

7.3 Super location. Great event. Matthew Ranson · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“Overall - Super location. Great event. Feedback - there needs to be clearer (more vocal) organisation at the start. Staff need a better briefing on the overall event. Many seemed somewhat confused. The transition area was way to small for the 6-7 year olds. The lack of space combined with the expat parent mentality of allocating way to much space for their child and their bike, made for a very difficult transition. Timing as always was spot on. We will be back. ”

3.9 Not organized properly · Participation 1 time I would take part again No

“A business only ,nothing related to the event .annoying”

7.5 great event · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes
5.0 Potential to be great event, bad staff on raceday · Participation 2 times I would take part again Maybe

“This was very disappointing on the day, the marshals and staff who were supposed to be supervising transition were absolutely clueless and unable to control a minority of parents who were badly behaved. The guy in charge of the kids at the start gate was brilliant as was the lady down at the water, The 4-5 age group was alert down, penalizing kids who did it all by themselves. 2 groups needed- 1 for kids who are able to swim cycle and run, another for 4-5yo kids whose parents were competing ;) ”

5.9 Marshalls need to take more control · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Excellent setting and event. The marshalls should just take more control, the cycling was a mess as no marshal/s checked number of laps done. No clear distances in the running or assistance from marshalls. A little more space is needed in transitions. ”

5.5 Not well organized · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“The event was lacking organizing. When starting for the swimming, the first group allowed to enter, but another group was sent right away before the first group even started, which caused a confusion between the kids and some of them were pushed back. The racing track should be a longer since there is enough space at the beach. The running track wasn't good for running, because of the people and kids walking around. The place is spacious but the organizers used a small portion of it.”

5.0 Lots of cheating on the bike course :( · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“The first impression of the venue and the pack collection was going on so smoothly. Bike rack area was ridiculously small with NO racks or numbered labels to know where the bike is (bikes were stuck tightly next to each other) alot of cheating in the bike course where kids were told how many laps to take but there was no timing mat in the course to ACTUALLY COUNT the laps. Some took one lap and left and ended up on the podium. Transition area was SO CROWDED that kids threw their bikes to run”

6.6 Great concept, badly planned and organized. Gillian Benson · Participation 2 times I would take part again No
Edited on 02.12.2018

“The pre race organization was great, collecting packs was easy but it went downhill from there. The courses were poorly marked & the marshalls were useless. Kids didn’t know how many laps of the running course to do and the finish line was hidden on a sharp left turn.Was obvious from the winners times that kids had skipped laps and not completed the full distance. It’s a pity that an event meant to teach kids fair play and sportsmanship lead to unintentional cheating through poor organization. ”

4.5 Preferred the course and organisation last year! · Participation 6+ times I would take part again Yes

“The marshalls ill informed of start times, number of laps on the bikes, the running course hence; not helpful. The bike course was silly; too squashed, the ground was slippery kids kept falling off, the bikes were crowded together, the area should have been wider to get through without stepping over people. The running track was not well sign posted the kids had no idea where to go. There were tourists & visitors strolling & blocking the track. The restaurants weren't open till 10.”

7.7 Great concept Kerry Milford · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“It's a great idea and I think a lot of thought and effort was put into organising the event. It was definitely value for money and mostly a positive experience. Unfortunately, the following items let the event down * uninformed marshalls - the yellow shirts literally had no clue. They should have familiarised themselves with the rules & route * not enough space where the bikes are set up * the run route was not blocked off to pedestrians * worst of all was the unsportsmanship of many parents”

6.6 Could be so much better... · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“This was our 4 year old daughter's first "competitive" event. She was very excited and when we arrived we were all impressed at the setup. HOWEVER...The chaos at the start / transitions / finish was a real let down. Parents pushing their children to the front then carrying them though the water (blocking the swim for others) and holding the bicycles at the ride caused blockages preventing others from free participation and selfishly spoiled the experience for others.NOT a race for ADULTS!”

8.9 My daughter loved it! · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Thanks to the organisers for putting on a fantastic,inclusive event. This was my daughters first attempt at a Triathlon (AG 4-5) and she absolutely loved it! Swim was well organised, and safe. Cycle was fine for the little ones but could have done with more marshals to deal with all the wipe outs! Run was not very clear and not much space for spectators. Communication could have been better beforehand - we were informed of start times only the afternoon before. Looking forward to the next one!”

4.8 nice experience but luck of organization · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe
7.5 Great event for the kids with space of improvement · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Overall a great event with space of improvement. The staff was great and very friendly and helpful. The transition area was not well organized and the circled bike track was not ideal. The running track gave little space for spectators and the finish area was a bit emotionless. The surounded program, entertainment and chill out area was great. We are looking forward to the next event! ”

8.0 Excellent event except for cheating being ok · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe
Edited on 24.11.2018

“The concept is wonderful as this gave many children an opportunity to try these events. However, it was very disappointing to see parents cheating and the marshals doing nothing. In one race a parent carried his daughter in the water and then push her bike in the cycle. I watched a man ask him what he was doing, then ask the marshal why he allowed this but the marshal did nothing. I understand being there to shaddow the children but cheating to get on the podium should not be tolerated. ”

6.8 Pretty good,bike racks were nonexistent, · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Bike racks were non-existent, and there was chaos at the start. Maybe give tri suits instead of t-shirts ”

7.7 Nice event let down by chaos by finish line Sarah Lambie · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

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