World Bike Day

27 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Safa M. - 05.06.2023

“Good organization but would suggest to reduce price to encourage people to join races and I couldn’t find any of my pictures ”

Marc S. - 05.06.2023

“Would like the opportunity to purchase a BIKE ABU DHABI jersey. Have not seen them available. anywhere. ”

Sidahmed M. - 05.06.2023

“كان حدث رائع ومتميز مليء بالتشويق والإثارة”

Anonymous - 04.06.2023

“Happy to open an account on this wonderful site. I wish him success ”

Tariq S. - 04.06.2023

“It was great fun and looking forward to taking part again next year. We would love to see more frequent cycling events like this one in Abu Dhabi. What about a cycling tour event in Abu Dhabi for the public? That would be awesome. ”

Marwan S. - 04.06.2023

“Amazing .. riding with relax mood.. enjoyable ”

Mae C. - 04.06.2023

“ok thank you very much”

Jasem A. - 04.06.2023

“Thank you for this day ”

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