Wafi City Summer Run Series-2

15 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 26.07.2022

“As always this event was also good but there were no needed food supplies. At least there should be some fruits. This is the only thing and the award ceremony was quick as expected which was really good.”

Colin C. - 24.07.2022

“You need to get better at sending out the results and the pictures. ”

Rahil P. - 24.07.2022

“There were no refreshments at all post race.”

Anonymous - 24.07.2022

“Refreshment Give aways Age category winners ”

Anonymous - 24.07.2022

“Overall a good race, but would still prefer more cones or lines to show the route or to stop people taking the wrong way when it’s not obvious…. Just a few arrows on the floor wasn’t really enough”

Stuart B. - 24.07.2022

“I really enjoyed it and was my best 5k time... Not convinced the course was actually 5k ?”

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