Wafi City Summer Run

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Overall Rating
Alex K. - 26.06.2023

“The timing results are not easy to read. Can you please work with the timing vendor to more clearly track each runner's time next to their name rather than in a separate sheet where the names are not referenced?”

Anonymous - 19.06.2023

“Not well organized. Would not recommend.”

Anonymous - 18.06.2023

“Average! Did not meet the expectation. No refreshments, T shirt and no age wised report. ”

Anonymous - 18.06.2023

“The communication was clear. The event itself was fine. It would be better to have the adults races first. Further to this, please split the age group even if it is under 19 and then adults. Super Sports has split groups and this encourages more people to take part. The medals were fab, be great to have one with the name of the mall on. I would love a t shirt for the Mall runs. ”

Osama M. - 18.06.2023

“They changed the time mentioned on your website.”

Troy D. - 18.06.2023

“Keep up the good work specially the great organizational part of the events with no time wasted. ”

Rachel Jasmina D. - 18.06.2023

“Yes can you make the results age specific like your other super spirts events? I have just turned 8. And all prizes were earned by big kids. I felt sad but I will work harder to give better performance”

Lana K. - 18.06.2023

“Very nice race! We had a great experience to run in the mall , good organized. Just some people during the race pushing you and it’s not respectful at all! ”

Anonymous - 18.06.2023

“Event was missing food and refreshments. ”

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