Wadi Al Helo Trail Run 3nd Edition

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Overall Rating
Han X. - 31.10.2023

“i like the events .”

Anonymous - 31.10.2023

“احب اشكر اللجنه المنظمه وفريق التطوعي على مساعده المتسابقين وتشجيعهم من بدايه السباق وحتى نهايته ”

Anonymous - 24.10.2023

“Thank you for this beautiful event. But it would be even better if the website would have given more information : we didn’t know if there would be water stations, we didn’t know the details of the road and the number of meters there is to climb. But maybe now I will do it again…”

Syed Zain Ul Abidin B. - 23.10.2023

“Beautiful location, Great Arrangements, Convenient access from Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai. UNESCO Heritage Site - health and history together :)”

Shareefa A. - 23.10.2023

“لم يتم احتساب المسافه اللي تم قطعها خلال السباق ”

Anonymous - 23.10.2023

“The course was more of an unpaved road than a trail; There were no adequate number of lavatories and the only available one was badly unsanitary. Although I do understand that the course finish line is situated on a heritage site to promote it and have a pleasant area for the awarding to take place, however, it was very far from the start/parking area. Kudos however to the volunteers, staff and the race announcer/host who kept the positive vibe alive.”

Anonymous - 23.10.2023

“Enjoyed the route and seemed well organised. Long queues at the toilet resulted in a very quick start. More toilets next time. ”

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