WAR Junior

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Lilia S. - 30.09.2018

“possibility of being a great event - This event has potential but this organisation and route need to be sorted ”

Anonymous - 30.09.2018

“Great idea - marshalling needs improving - My kids aged 11 and 8 participated. Before the race we recieved were 3 conflicting communications about what time to register! First 9.30, then 8.30 then 9.45! The marshalling was not up to standard. The kids were actively directed to a longer run that had been set up for adults. The communication when the error had been discovered was awful and hard to hear. More marshalling needed next time and make sure the marshals are fully briefed. Also more water stations were needed for younger children.”

Finlay S. - 30.09.2018

“Lots of potential, terrible organization - Organizers screwed up the route for the kids which meant they all completed a further 1-2 km of the adults course. Marshals had no idea what was going on as they all let the kids continue on the wrong route and obstacles. No action plan once they knew there was a problem. Young kids left along way from the finish area without water. I know this as I was one of the parents whose 8 year old child was out there. I had to go looking for her. No water provided or plan to get the kids back!”

Mariam A. - 29.09.2018

“Disappointed with support stations - There were no water for the kids from the second water point the deep one untill the end of race i ask the crew there and the volunteers they ask me to find the manager??!!! No need to talk about the award . At all its was first time for my child and they do amazing job in the race for the first time i hope you will learn from all this mistakes and organize a better race next time.”

Marcus K. - 29.09.2018

“Very disappointed children - As many other parents, we were happy that the event was put on. We travelled from Abu Dhabi just for this kids event. Unfortunately that's where the positivity ended. My 9 year old son felt that he may have come top 3, but due to the complete mess that the marshals made, there were no awards. In fact, both my kids did the longer, incorrect course. My 7yo daughter is tiny, weighs 20kgs, and battled positively through the mess. Fortunately both were happy at the end, so are keen to do it again. ”

Charles M. - 29.09.2018

“Poor organisation, very poor route marshalling - No children’s race awards were given (1,2,3) resulting in much disappointment for the winners. This was due to the decision of the organizers to suspend these awards. Unfortunately some children were mis directed to complete the 5km circuit, when they should only have completed 1,5 km.”

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