Wadi Adventure Race 20

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 28.10.2019

“Good race - Everything is great from the start to the end was prefect the Volunteering people are awesome. But The start timing A B C D should be arrange And the obstacles not enough to challenge ourself in it Need more Thank you for the nice race ”

Scott H. - 27.10.2019

“Overall, well organized and fun event...recommend! - Several comments. Let's start with the positive: - Great venue; check-in/registration went well; great buffet - Overall, well organized; well supported Areas to improve: - Race package was sent out the night before--need to send immediately after registering - Need to brief support teams better (give them a handout with key info); e.g. reception didn't know there was a bag check; support people in the field don't know what mile marker they are at, etc. - Warm up team was terrible--contact me!”

Anonymous - 27.10.2019

“Good but need more improvement - It was actually a running race , no enough obstacles and no water activities .. ”

Anonymous - 27.10.2019

“Well organized event but obstacles were lacking - I love this event and always find it to be very well organized. The atmosphere during the event is very good and the volunteers did a great job. My only criticism is that the number of complexity of the obstacles has decreased. The last 5 km of the 10km race was basically running. In the previous years i always found there to be more obstacles. ”

Steven R. - 27.10.2019

“Great event with room for improvements - Post race ceremony was too late and uncoordinated. Allot of ppl left by the time they got started. Food was great course was fun. Marshalls on the course are pointless as they are not taking note of ppl skipping obstacles or failing them on the elite race. ”

Hadeel B. - 27.10.2019

“Nice event with improvement opportunities - I love this race and i encourage friends and family members to sign up but The marshaling this time was so poor. too many elites were skipping obstacles and some made it to the podium which is not fair for another participants. I came 4th where the 3rd on podium didn't complete the monkey bar. if you have rules, then you should apply them at least for that category. hope to see progress next time :) ”

Judy R. - 27.10.2019

“10 K disappointing (lack of obsiticles and water) - We loved the 5k last year, but the 10 K lacked obsticles and water stations. The medals were the same as last year (just a different ribbon). Loved the Tshirts and the photos. All helpers were friendly and encouraging on the course. ”

Rashed A. - 26.10.2019

“Was very good - Was very good”

Skye M. - 26.10.2019

“AWESOME!!!! - This event is always simply awesome!! Thanks Wadi Adventure. Thanks Premier. Another perfect WAR. Until next time!! ”

Anonymous - 26.10.2019

“Nice - I like it”

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