Wadi Adventure Race 18

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Claus R. - 31.12.2018

“Great event - The WAR route last time was better. The WAR Junior last time was better organized. But we still had a great time.”

Anonymous - 17.12.2018

“.. - ..”

Mahmoud S. - 17.12.2018

“Good but a step down from WAR 17 - This was not as entertaining as WAR 17, there were hardly any water obstacles and was mostly running. A decent event nonetheless. ”

Anonymous - 16.12.2018

“Good Event - I enjoyed the event. However, for Cat B 5K the finish time did not appear to penalize those who failed to complete/ failed to attempt the obstacles and therefore finish faster than those who did - an unfair advantage. A participant in the category could run the full 5k without attempting the obstacles. Can this be taken into consideration next year? Can the raffle box also be shaken after each ticket has been drawn? Otherwise a reasonably good first experience.”

Anonymous - 16.12.2018

“Well oraganised as usual, but becoming repetitive - The event is great, very well organized and fun. However two points: - All medals are the same for 5k, 10k and 15k - The event is becoming repetitive and includes a lot of running rather than different obstacles types. If I participate again, sure I will only do the 5K not the 10 or 15K as these are not fun with repeating obstacles. ”

Magdalena M. - 16.12.2018

“Well organized - This race is really well organized. I participated in the elite category and we were told that our bib- number should be visible during all course, but unfortunately the number kept falling off on the obstacles. I really missed the km-signs on the course.”

Ahmed A. - 16.12.2018

“جيد - الحدث رائع والفعاليه اجمل ولكن بخصوص الأطفال لم تكن هناك فعاليات كثير تجعلهم بالإضافة إلي أنه ليس هناك جوائز للفائزين في حق الاطفال كان من المفروض تكريم الخمس أوائل بداية تجذبهم الحضور للفعاليات الفخري وايضا ليس هناك مغامرات لهم من ناحية المسابقة هي عبارة عن جري فقط والحواجز كانت موجوده ولكن من غير منظمين أتمني لكم التوفيق والنجاح والتميز في السباقات والفعاليات الاخري ”

Anonymous - 16.12.2018

“unorganized event - I regretted that I let my children particpated in an unorganized event like this unfriendly staff give you no care when you ask about any thing and they didn't explain to children what they have to do even the awarding was horrible they put the certificates on they let the children pick it up and not all the children found their certificate ”

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