Vertical Run Almas Tower

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Overall Rating
Vanitha G. - 10.02.2019

“Start Time / Organising / Award not impressive - Started late, warm up was nice however it stretched the time. when we finished there was no terrace to check the view this was no fun, if we climbed all the floors there should be some reward, we had to come back by service elevator, straight down the moment we finished! disappointing. also the medals were not distributed immediately, they make us wait till everyone finish! we had to ask them after which they asked us to collect it from the guy in the tower! not impressive! ”

Dinesh N. - 04.02.2019

“Not impressed - Very badly organized by Fidelity fitness club and they didn’t even want to give the Medal for which a person does it ! Very bad and frustrating ! If you want to know more u can call me on my mobile and will give the details of my frustrations ”

Tetiana M. - 03.02.2019

“Fun run! - Very well organized race - runners are divided into groups according to their bib numbers and start with 15sec difference to avoid traffic on the stairs. Enough of water stations on the course but no bottles and water on the stairs which makes event a safe one. Great job of volunteers. The only thing to change - it would be nice if medals were given to runners upstairs upon completion of the race and not at the end of the event itself.”

Peter J. - 03.02.2019

“Well organized event - I took part for the first time. After reading the ratings of the last events I had some doubts, but the 2019 vertical run was a well organized event. I want to thank to all the staff for their great work. The contact to the organization was perfect, every question was heard and solved. Also the atmosphere before the start was perfect. All the staff were in a good mood! I'm looking forward to see you in 2020 again :-)”

Siddharth G. - 03.02.2019

“Interesting Challenge - Average Management - I personally liked the entire challenge of running up the tower but I really wish it was managed better. The event started at 11am but my race time was 12.40. Its a good thing they decided to give the medals immediately after the race - they had intended giving them after the entire event - around 3.30 - 4 pm. I will do this again and I'm hoping that they can manage the start/finish of the race better. ”

Anonymous - 02.02.2019

“Poorly organized - We had to wait 3 hours for the race to start. They did the warm up at 11 and we started at 12:45pm. I don’t see why everyone had to be called at 11:00 if we were only going to be racing in batches of 20. Post race, I was supposed to get a sms with the timing but I still haven’t got it. Then they said they would update their Facebook page by 4pm. It’s 8:30pm now and no updates yet. If you do this, plan on hanging around half the day for a race that lasts 20 mins or lesser ”

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