Urban-Ultra Mt. Sana 60

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 16.12.2019

“A boring long course. - The UU team is best. Course is too boring for 60 km. More than 60% distance is on flat, gravel, wadi, roads and vehicle traffic. Few patches of scenic landscape else rest is just run the distance,test your limit & kill time. 0-10 km was super and later the boulder climb and some wadi water streams. The overall numbers of participant was very law, hence ended up running alone almost the entire distance. The CP teams are great. Not worthy for the 400+Dhm as compared to other UU races. ”

Anonymous - 15.12.2019

“Gg organization and nice vibe overall, OK trail - Cons; The 10K trail was bit boring, Pros: The organizing team did their best as usual . Nice atmosphere would do again but would prefer a different trail ”

Anonymous - 15.12.2019

“Must do! - I loved the 21km course and the eco friendly medals at the finish. The support stations and marshals were all super friendly, supportive and encouraging. Lovely event and I will definitely return for more! ”

Anonymous - 15.12.2019

“Overall poor marking and organization - I am usually very positive regarding the Urban Ultra races, which is one of the best race format in the region. However, I must say that my experience racing Mt Sana 21k yesterday was quite disappointing. First of all, I believe the 21k race was way too early. Considering the winter times, we could have started at 6 or 7AM. The mountain climb and way down was a bit unsafe because it was too early in the morning. Secondly, the marking was terrible, which lead to most of us running extra km.”

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