Urban-Ultra Mt. Sana 60 2019

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Peter F. - 07.04.2019

“A great course with both technical and runnable. - This is an altogether great event. The course is extremely challenging in places, but also with long runnable sections. The race organizers have a great bunch of volunteers that man support stations throughout the day. I will definitely be running this event again. ”

Abdelilah E. - 24.03.2019

“Best of the best. A must try - Amazing race, amazing organization and best support ever at the check points”

Pornsak T. - 24.03.2019

“Good Distance with Mixed Terrain - Route course is mixing of terrains from easy run to wadi climbing and technical loose rock! You will run pass some villages, see some camels and goat farm. Race itself is enjoyable and good for everyone who love trail running (not hard but not easy). ”

Tetiana M. - 24.03.2019

“Run should be fair... - UU team did a great job - event was really interesting and I enjoyed every single km of the run - the route was very challenging and picturesque; nice treats at the finish line. My only disappointment was that not everyone followed rules (esp those runnin 21km): it was clearly said that all should have mandatory gear and unfortunately no one checked it neither before run nor after. It's quite unfair as running without backpack full of water and stuff is a lot easier...”

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