Urban-Ultra Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge 220km

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Matthew B. - 04.03.2024

“thank you for a fantastic event. It was a tough day. A distance PB for me. Well done the organisers. ”

Ahmad B. - 03.03.2024

“It was a big mistake for me to participates, very disappointed, the speed wasn't respected from the start of the ride. This was supposed to be group long ride but It was treated like a race. I have signed up for slowest group 27 to 30 but from the start the speed was 37 km. This is totally unacceptable. We were left a lone and one of Wolfies cars came asking us to surrender the numbers cause we were behind although we were respecting the agreed speed. I will not participate again.”

Stefano N. - 03.03.2024

“Road not very nice and also very modest organization”

Samuel C. - 03.03.2024

“The event was great and well-organized! Support during the ride was fantastic. One minor suggestion—can we have more snacks at the check points? Ideally, things we can pack easily in our jersey pocket to eat while on the ride. The cookies with peanut butter were nice but were only available at one of the check points for some reason. Overall it was a great event. ”

Andrew M. - 03.03.2024

“Well organized, would like to have had cola available on each aid station. Or move aid stations to the fuel stations if possible to have more choice for people to buy things and use toilets. ”

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