UAE Tour Challenge Final 3/3 - Jabel Hafeet

30 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Liza B. - 03.03.2023

“More water, and parking was very far from finish ”

Anonymous - 28.02.2023

“your timing provider is not accurate. i finished the challenge up to the finish line and collected finishers medal, but i was classified as DNF, Shame! ”

Anonymous - 27.02.2023

“Who made the final list od winners for each group?”

Samuel B. - 27.02.2023

“There was a long time in the mountain where we didn’t have water, and at the end the staff was not taking care of us.”

George C. - 27.02.2023

“Great race, thank you vey much”

Mae C. - 27.02.2023

“Awesome, loved it. Thank you”

Anne L. - 27.02.2023

“The event was great. It could have started earlier as it got really hot, Only 2 water breaks during the accent wasnt enough.”

Robin M. - 27.02.2023

“I was disappointed that there wasn’t an overall General Classification prize / ranking given that this was a multi-race series”

Pierre G. - 27.02.2023

“The event was very well organised. The route, the meal offered at the finish and the venue (UAE Tour) for the award ceremony were outstanding. May I also take the opportunity of this feedback to get information on how and when the prize money for the Abu Dhabi Gran Fondo race occurred on the 12th of November 2022? Since I finished seventh in my age group (Male Veteran 50+), I am eligible for prize money (AED 2,000.00).”

Dominic L. - 27.02.2023

“Great event! Refreshments were much better than expected”

Roy K. - 27.02.2023

“Very well organized event. Not fully clear at the finish where to go.”

Essa A. - 27.02.2023

“يرجي اخذ الحذر من وضع اللوحات او الاقماع الارشادية في وسط او بجانب الطريق يجب وضعها في الارصفة او على الرمال لانك يسبب خطورة على الدراجين وشكرا ”

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