UAE Tour Challenge 2024 - Climb

45 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Graham H. - 12.02.2024

“Very well run, a great concept for an event. ”

Anne K. - 11.02.2024

“Well organized event. It would be good if we can start earlier”

Giovanni L. - 11.02.2024

“Very cool arrive like a pro”

Alex K. - 11.02.2024

“It's great to ride the same route as the pros. I would like to have a more interesting route before the climb, though.”

George C. - 11.02.2024

“Great race, always enjoy it. Great idea to have overall and AGs. Went the wrong way, same as most people did at the top lol”

Ben W. - 11.02.2024

“Good event, poor communication on parking. ”

Mae C. - 11.02.2024

“Well organised, awesome day. Thanks. Better signs at the top to get to the finish please”

Gerard M. - 11.02.2024

“Really enjoyed the 60km ride . . . Suggestions would be: Bigger loops so less laps Age category for 60+ Extra water station on Jebel Hafeet Will definitely come back again . . ”

Anonymous - 11.02.2024

“Thank you and hopefully annually comes with a good weather ”

Marius B. - 11.02.2024

“Very professional race and i enjoyed it a lot Even though the climb was hard”

Ahmed A. - 11.02.2024

“The flat part of the course was awful and boring going round the same road 7 times!”

Anonymous - 11.02.2024

“Briliantly organized event. Everythig went as per schedule with no problems.”

Anonymous - 11.02.2024

“It has been well organized. It was however not immediately clear how to return with the bus and I finally decided to descent by bike. ”

Guillermo C. - 11.02.2024

“No cycling support equipment whatsoever at the start ie no tools, no pumps. A friend also had a serious fall and was clearly concussed (cracked helmet) yet was allowed to leave by ambulance personnel and drove home to Dubai in a state of total confusion.”

Gabe C. - 11.02.2024

“Loved it , thank you great event. Bit confusing at the top which way to go. Great day”

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