UAE Summits Challenge - Phase #1 Ras Al Khaimah (1/5)

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Anonymous - 13.11.2023

“Beautiful race. Just a pity the organisers provided runners with water in plastic bottles during the race, which were then littered on the mountain paths. Suggestion to rather give runners re-usable soft-cups and pouring water from large containers at water points. Much cleaner.”

Anonymous - 11.11.2023

“More water stations if possible. If there is a discount code for the event ”

Syed Zain Ul Abidin B. - 11.11.2023

“Better than expected, happy to be part of first of its kind event in UAE.”

Saif A. - 10.11.2023

“After 3 hours of staring no volunteers for first aid stay in the trail, direction wasn’t that much clear and some was with out water ”

Anonymous - 09.11.2023

“Requesting pictures for the event ”

Cee M. - 08.11.2023

“Great event, attending the next... ”

Kelly M. - 08.11.2023

“Well organised Beautiful weather Amazing hosts”

Nanna H. - 08.11.2023

“No guidance or signs for the return hike, we didnt know where to go. Also no bus service from the parking lot as mentioned when signing up. Otherwise excellent day in the mountains ”

Raid K. - 08.11.2023

“It was very good experience.”

James R. - 07.11.2023

“Really fun run and well organized... One suggestion - The male MC spent all his time shouting into the microphone over the female MC. It became pretty unpleasant so we left. He does not need to take over the experience from the athletes.”

Anonymous - 06.11.2023

“جميل جدا منظم ومرتب ت”

Dior S. - 06.11.2023

“My Country Flag is was not right when we get the results, the only thing that I wasn't happy.”

Fahad K. - 06.11.2023

“we could not any of the volunteers at the end line. This was not good for the organizer image. I wish you look into this for future summits”

Mohd Sayid Z. - 05.11.2023

“There no transport as promised in FAQ from base of Jaise, route was change at last moment , it’s been 2 days race photos still not uploaded ”

Abdulla A. - 05.11.2023

“ Best trail run race on jabe juss”

Anonymous - 05.11.2023

“Very well organized, thank you!”

Khaled A. - 05.11.2023

“تركيز على التنظيم بالمسارات و معرفة المنظم بالمسار قبل بداء الحدث لارشاد المتسابقين او الهايكر بالطريق و التركيز على الفئتين الجري و الهايك مش فقط الجري ”

Anonymous - 05.11.2023

“Looking forward for more improvement ”

Craig B. - 05.11.2023

“The course wasn’t marked accurately which led to some runnings being off course. Other than that, great event great concept.”

Pradeepkumar B. - 05.11.2023

“There was no briefing about the root and no guide for guiding the lost the way in multiple points .”

Alia Z. - 05.11.2023

“It was an interesting experience that I will do more often. ”

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