UAE Solidarity Walk 2018

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Abdul Jalal V. - 03.12.2018

“Organized very poor - Location not clearly mentioned in the ticket. Ticket said Mamzar beach but no sinage. Also said entry through Mamzar Park. totally upswet”

Anonymous - 03.12.2018

“Poor organizing and not value for money - Hi, pl don’t do the event for the namesake. Ppl spend time and money registering, travel to the event venue and expect little satisfaction in return. Very poor organized event. There is no coordination in starting and ending of the event. Goody bag is empty and all refreshments finished when I go. It’s utter waste of money and time. Highly disappointing premieronline.. ”

Anonymous - 03.12.2018

“keep it up. - Looking forward to the next event.”

Anonymous - 02.12.2018

“Bad event ever - Bad event ever, its only lost my time and my money, it should , bad cup and bad medals ”

Anonymous - 02.12.2018

“Forced to walk very slowly. - Forced to walk very slowly and was stopped twice for other participants to catch up. ”

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