UAE Road Cycling Championship - Stage 3

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Dimitrios K. - 11.11.2018

“There is huge room for improvement - Thank you for the time and effort put for stage 3 and the entire series in general. We appreciate your contribution in growing the sport. Please consider the following items for improvement, some of them are crucial. 1. Start and finish venue. The series called UAE road cycling championships deserve a proper venue at a proper location. What does this mean? I am sure you understand. 2. Water stations. All water stations at the climb ran out of water. 3. No buses to the start location...”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 11.11.2018
“Hi Dimitrios, sincere thanks for your feedback. Appreciate you taking the time to provide your points for improvement, most are valid and crucial to the series overall. We do apologise for the water & transport issues, and will address these for future stages and series. We will review start locations for warm-up and access, however we believe the finish was spectacular and well supported and provided for with adequate toilets, BBQ, seating area, and presentation area.”

Bruno B. - 11.11.2018

“Unacceptable organization worst event ever! - Hamster wheel loop warm up in a car park could tell what the day was going to be like. As one of the slower riders not a single of the promised 4 water station had water! Cyclist manual stated course to be 58.9km. There was an extra 5km once again with no water or support at all! Got water from a guy camping by the side of the road. No buses for the return to the car park, got back by riding on the 611 highway 36°c at 12:30 once again no water no support I’m glad I didn’t end up in the hospital.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 11.11.2018
“Hi Bruno, thank you for your frank & honest feedback. Our sincere apologies for your experiences and we will definitely take each of your points with the seriousness you have expressed.”

Ian H. - 09.11.2018

“Great venue but addressing minor issues would help - Great venue and route. Absolutely superb. However there are a few areas for improvement. 1. Designate a warm up area. Being forced to warm up in a car park with many vehicles and pedestrians is not good enough for a national championship event. 2. Most water stations on the way up JJ ran out of water before slower riders arrived - the people who need it most. 3. Bus wasn't at the designated area meaning a large group rode back. Overall these are minor issues to fix for a fantastic event. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.11.2018
“Hi Ian, sincere thanks for your feedback. Thrilled you enjoyed the stage and your points for improvement are valid. We will address each individually, with the technical & logistics teams, to ensure all aspects are delivered. ”

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