UAE MTB challenge By Oakley and Garmin Series 5|6

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Overall Rating
Bart W. - 10.05.2024

“Would be nice with this warm weather that when they say start time 7 they don't start at 8 when it was already too warm ! ”

Emerson M. - 06.05.2024

“Congratulations to the federation for the effort in organizing another MTB event, and a big thank you to the commissioners. There was a delay that affected several riders due to the heat. A community category was created, and in my opinion treatment should be the same for everyone, I received my medal without any information about the event. ”

Des M. - 06.05.2024

“The race started too late in the morning. By that time it was very hot. There were no visible water points during the race. There was no shade for the rides before the race or during the prize giving. The Oakley and Garmin tents were located away from the start. But it was a fun morning, I did enjoy it and hope the above is constructive for future races. ”

Anonymous - 06.05.2024

“We started over an hour late All the rest was well organized and people were really nice”

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