UAE MTB challenge By Oakley and Garmin Series 4|6

13 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Thomas S. - 24.01.2024

“Was good just very technical ”

Reygine T. - 24.01.2024

“see you on next race!”

Anonymous - 22.01.2024

“Course was perfect in design but marking was loads better last year. Later start was actually good as early low sun can’t see the course safely. Pre race briefing emails need to be more informative so riders are not surprised by the course on arrival. Bring Tom back to organise!”

David H. - 22.01.2024

“A really fun event. That was challenging but still achievable.”

Steven T. - 22.01.2024

“Start delayed, route markings were poor and technically quite hard for XCO. E-bikes shouldn’t race at same time as they lap so fast and disrupt other riders.”

Anonymous - 22.01.2024

“Great event , would be nice to have refreshments at the finish ....”

Anonymous - 22.01.2024

“No course was set up by the UAE CF by the time the race was to begin. Race started one hour late. Excuse given: it was too cold. Racer’s prepare (food in the morning, food for race, water for race, sunblock, clothing, family commitments) based on a start time. Otherwise course (by Tom) and atmosphere (by Garmin/ Oakley) were wonderful. Great event that brought the community together. ”

Joseph A. - 22.01.2024

“the event was well organized”

Oliver Christopher A. - 22.01.2024

“Well organized and it's an amazing experience.”

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