2XU Triathlon: Hatta

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Ahmad A. - 26.11.2018

“One of the best - All triathletes must try this race "Unique” The venue is wonderful Don’t miss it !”

Magdalena M. - 19.11.2018

“Great race - This is such a great race - I really love the challenging course. I was a bit concerned about the road in the generator hills not being closed for public traffic. Also I missed shower facilities for ladies.”

Matthew C. - 18.11.2018

“Challenging Event - Great event. Two things for improvement: bike marshals on the course were not active in managing our communicating to athletes or traffic; secondly there aren't too many food options around hatta Post race so it would be nice if something could be organised around the event”

Anonymous - 18.11.2018

“Great day! - Challenging but great event, beautiful scenery, good organisation. Everything was perfect, but would be much better if there was at least one line on the roads reserved for cyclists only. We had to take care of cars/trucks on the roads, so at least me, I couldn't ride bicycle without having fear of potential accident. Also, I had to almost stop two times as I wasn't sure where to go, cause marshalls were typing their phones. However, event itself was great, I'll be back again. Thanks.”

Dimitrios K. - 18.11.2018

“Will come back! - Enjoyed every min on the road and in the water. The sequence/motif was interesting and challenging as I didn't know how my body will react. One item for improvement: the marshals at the bike uturn spots for sprint and super sprint were there just standing doing nothing to facilitate both bike and car traffic control. I destroyed my rear tire braking hard to avoid a SS athlete making the uturn and the marshal was there just standing. Same thing happened at the 10k mark uturn with an incom car”

Anonymous - 18.11.2018

“Big event - Wonderful place to swim hatta dam, everything well done ”

Simon E. - 17.11.2018

“Love this event. - This is a must do event. To swim in Hatta Dam alone is worth the drive from Dubai. Then they go and throw in a ride up Generator Hill and back. Forget your watch, just take it in and enjoy. Thank you Supersports for organizing this event. We need more events that are not just Beach focused. One criticism... the finishers medal doesn’t reward the achievement (sorry).”

Peter V. - 16.11.2018

“Another awesome event from Supersports - First Hatta triathlon for my son and I ...we both loved it. Warren and the team were well prepared and friendly as usual, event started on time, was well managed, and everybody was in good spirits. Tough course but nice to do something slightly different, with excellent weather and great scenery. ”

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