Super Sports Run 10 miler(16k),10k,5k,3k: Race 1/5

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Simon P. - 26.10.2019

“Excellent as ever - Excellently organised as ever, and a proper running challenge that gives runners what they want.”

Moumen R. - 13.10.2019

“Brilliant, as always - The only suggestion I would have is leaving a small bagdrop area, as many runners take a taxi to get there. Thanks to organizers and volunteers, and looking forward for the next one.”

Anonymous - 11.10.2019

“Great - but timing clearly wrong - Race started 6.35 on the button, and I crossed the line at 7,27 yet I've been allocated a time of 58 something. Also, think it was approximately 120m short. However, it's one of the better organised runs, and a nice route.”

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