Sharjah Triathlon 2023

32 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Dom B. - 01.05.2023

“Very well organized, great course apart from ramps, friendly and welcoming!”

Haitham A. - 01.05.2023

“Will surely do it again next year”

Anonymous - 01.05.2023

“Perfect organization and fantastic course. Two improvements: Visibility in the water: put more bouys. Sharp Bumper in the cycling course.”

Anonymous - 01.05.2023

“great event (maybe just some coca cola or sugary drinks in the end)”

Olivier B. - 01.05.2023

“Only 3 toilets for all participants. Ambulance and first aid team was pretty unprepared or incompetent. No water immediately after T2”

Agustin R. - 30.04.2023

“Amazingly well organized, beautiful location… Was Great!!!”

Alexander G. - 30.04.2023

“Navigation on swim course was a little difficult. All the rat is good. Thanks for organising ”

Anonymous - 30.04.2023

“Thank you for a great event ”

Agwin N. - 30.04.2023

“It’s totally awesome the team did good organizing ”

Ayden B. - 30.04.2023

“Only 3 toilets for all participants, we were still queuing during the race briefing Nobody on kayak checking if people swam around the buoy. I saw at least 5 people cheating the super sprint category. The water of the sea was dirty and smelling of poop I got injured during the race and the first aid people in the ambulance were unprepared, unequipped and incompetent for the treatment of my wounds. My mother would have done a much better job! ”

Nathan C. - 30.04.2023

“It was a great race and well run. The only thing that could have caused a problem is that the junior race went off before the sprint. And there were a few kids on the ride when the sprint athletes were on the course. And we were going past them very fast. There was a potential for an accidents. But besides that, I thought it was a great race. ”

Khalifa A. - 30.04.2023

“It was well organized i like it”

Catherine H. - 30.04.2023

“I thought the event was good however there was a bit of confusion where there bathrooms were and I was sent across the road into a building by staff only to told no and then to find bathrooms on site but only 2 for everyone. I missed the race briefing due to waiting in a line to go. I was a part of a female team relay and we did really well however as we were competing against only men teams there was no way we would get any recognition for it. Ended the morning a little sad to be honest. ”

Ivan F. - 30.04.2023

“Better sign up goodie bag. Follow through on promised goods, i.e towel etc, but a great first event ”

Susan A. - 30.04.2023

“It was a good event, I'm glad it started super early to help with the heat. It was well organised and everything was well marked. Volunteers were great! And distances were very accurate for me as well so it was a good morning!”

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