Sharjah Aquathlon 2023 - Al Hamriyah

28 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Vanda Z. - 29.09.2023

“Well organised and good atmosphere at the event. ”

Abdullah H. - 28.09.2023

“The running route was not clear and must be described more on the start (same as done with the swimming route). Too many participant missed the way and unfortunately some were misguided by the event representatives!! Even the finish mark has been put (expressed) late after some of the runners asked: where is the finish!!! I believe this was mainly because no much attention given to the running zone and all organizers were busy with the start of the other events. Wish the next time being best.”

Sana H. - 28.09.2023

“Paying more attention to the running route and finish zone is required.”

Moaaz H. - 28.09.2023

“Paying more attention to the running route and finish zone is required.”

Agustin R. - 25.09.2023

“Thanks for organizing such a great event!!!”

Saad E. - 25.09.2023

“It was a well organized event, thank you”

Gennadiy T. - 25.09.2023

“Thanks for the organization of this race, it was really amazing!!!”

Eric B. - 25.09.2023

“thank you Sharjah Aquathlon Team for the wonderful experience! I appreciate a very organized handling of the event!”

Adam T. - 25.09.2023

“All very well organised, a shame the run was a bit shorter than the 5k. ”

Joao L. - 25.09.2023

“Very good race with good organization. Starting of the swim was a bit chaotic. All the rest is great”

Alexander D. - 25.09.2023

“Great location for the event and organised really.”

Prahlad L. - 25.09.2023

“Lot of the kids ran more than what was required as there were no one guiding at the finish line. One kid ran additional lap ( 2.5 Km ) even when they said they were running only 2,5 . Huge room for improvement ”

Anonymous - 25.09.2023

“Enjoyable day, hopefully one of many more Aquathlons ”

Jon L. - 25.09.2023

“Great value for money and quality arranged event. Would do again ?”

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