Run at Meydan Tracks Race 2/3

21 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 03.07.2021

“Great race, great organization and great overall experience”

Binod Kumar C. - 27.06.2021

“It is all good to see progress.”

Jamie G. - 27.06.2021

“I got disqualified as I missed the 2.5k timing mat. The mat was placed on the inside of the tight turn and when running it is easy to miss and you don’t really see it as it is just after the turn. Anyway that is annoying as I think I would have placed in my age group. If the mat could have been 20m further on you could use the curb side to stop people missing the mat.”

Anonymous - 26.06.2021

“everything was super well organized, only feedback to have this race during winter season ”

Anonymous - 26.06.2021

“It was an amazing event. But I think the 1/3 race was more organize especially after the race. Also, photos uploaded same day last time. Now, it would take 48hrs. But overall, event was great! ”

Anonymous - 26.06.2021

“Very well organised with a friendly atmosphere”

Anonymous - 26.06.2021

“Breakfast to be provided to the participants”

Madison B. - 26.06.2021

“Great, well organized event. Thanks.”

Adam K. - 26.06.2021

“All great organized. The start should be 5am or 5:30am”

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