Ras Al Khaimah Aquathlon

8 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Lucy E. - 17.01.2021

“Good race, well organised and the route was lovely (long sea to bike transition). Few reminders, verbal or by signs for social distancing......”

Pablo F. - 17.01.2021

“Worst organized event I've ever participated. Run itinerary very confusing, I myself had to stop 3x to ask. Multiple people run shortcuts (because it was so confusing). They gave gold medals to people that had run 1/2 the distance or not completed the race (the medal recipients openly acknowledged that!). Unbelievable! The pictures are very low definition and to add insult to injury, all the pictures of the swim start were not published.”

Paolo D. - 17.01.2021

“They started the race at 7.55 instead of 8.15. Track was not indicated clear on site and even on the email. Chip detectors were not in the strategic points, many participants didn't respect the right distance and they went to the podium Very very bad.”

Jakob K. - 17.01.2021

“Nice private event. Organisation was good, people were friendly. I will come back. ”

Anonymous - 17.01.2021

“We loved the event and the concept of the aquathlon. But I must say that the markings for the run were very difficult to understand and I’m confident that many either did not do the full run or did too long. It seemed that due Tom last minute construction the course was changed so it was understandable but yet the staff also didn’t seem to know where people should go and were misdirecting or just not providing help. Especially for the Olympic group. And combining two events with the run aquathlo”

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