Ramadan Night Glow Zoo Run

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Overall Rating
Krishna Kumar G. - 10.04.2023

“Very bad organizing.... no water available in water stations.... no refreshments at the end of the race... the offer of free zoo entry ticket was a comedy.... overall very bad experience ”

Henry M. - 10.04.2023

“All was arranged perfectly nicely, we expected to have more directional arrows with glow signs as the space was too dark to drive at night especially entering the zoo, map shared showed different directions upon entering the zoo. The speakers and sound system could be better, the more the crowd the better the speakers with good microphone for the people at the back to hear especially during briefing time. Overall event was lovely and exciting thank you for the Huge Medals.”

Anonymous - 10.04.2023

“Every thing was great And was an amazing day and experience ”

David S. - 09.04.2023

“The race was great to have at the zoo and it was a good circuit which was well laid out and the staff were very helpful. Unfortunately the race, which was already late in the evening, started 30 minutes late and then there were issues displaying the results which meant waiting for over an hour to hear the results. Most disappointingly was that, unlike other races, the prize winners could win multiple categories - i.e. those that won overall race automatically won the nationality and age group.”

Anonymous - 09.04.2023

“Apart from the track that was fun, rest was a tragedy: - There were no signs leading to the event location, wasted almost 30 mins going round the roads inside zoo. - The race although postponed for 30mins, it begun abruptly 3 mins earlier. - The water stations, apart from limited, had also few water, only at the beginning of the race. - No water on the 2nd lap! - No water at the end of the race! - The ceremony was very confusing, as categories were unknown. - Still no any results.”

Anonymous - 09.04.2023

“The track is Nice, but disapponted to the runners that didnt go thru the track, there must be voleenterrs to guide them where is the right track because so many runners didnt follow the right track..they did shorcuts”

Anonymous - 09.04.2023

“very bad and unprofessional organization of the event! the presenter with a microphone did not speak English clearly, it was hard to hear her words and many reservations, she did not know the discipline of the race. the delay time of the race was 30 minutes! at the end there was no online result and I could not understand whether it was worth waiting for the ceremony. people who won the overall race cannot be nominated in other categories, of course they are winners and take all the medals! ”

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