Open Water Swim 2024

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Overall Rating
Kelvin B. - 13.02.2024

“First time I’ve done anything like that. I thought the whole event was organised extremely well. Thanks. ”

Sohaib J. - 12.02.2024

“Nice event location with fabulous atmosphere ? ”

Nina B. - 12.02.2024

“Well organized, great event. Thank you to the Sports Council”

Joseph M. - 12.02.2024

“Improve the communication. Send an emails 1 week before, one day before. Also on the morning especially that we had a westher warning from the government the day before saying don't go out. Also you need to manage the speed boat better on the swim. The fumes from the boat were carried onto the main straight for all 4 laps making it really uncomfortable to beath. All you had to do was move the boat downwind. It wouldn't change the safety.”

Zaki A. - 12.02.2024

“Consider doing more events but when weather is warmer. Also mid morning rather than very early please ”

Ali A. - 12.02.2024

“Got 2nd place in 1600”

Virgel Donn R. - 12.02.2024

“Event was organized and well prepared. Also event photos were excellent they it was uploaded earlier than expected. KUDOS to the organizers and event management, great job guys!”

Anonymous - 12.02.2024

“Good organisation and atmosphere. A place to change clothes missed some chairs or benches ”

Anonymous - 12.02.2024

“This event should have been canceled or postponed to another day as the weather was cold and it was raining. It was not safe, it is risky to in and out water in such weather. ”

Millie S. - 12.02.2024

“Great event - well organised and the gate to swim to before the finish is the fairest way to finish the races.”

Samuel S. - 12.02.2024

“Very well organised. an enjoyable event even with the rain and murky sky.”

Barthelemy T. - 12.02.2024

“Nice event but way too long to wait for the results. ”

Maya R. - 12.02.2024

“Medal giving- Perhaps it's better to start with the kids since they are the ones who benefit from the whole experience way more than the adults. ”

Janelle Yzabella Q. - 12.02.2024

“It was well organize. Even it was raining”

Gabi G. - 12.02.2024

“Water was very cold! But that’s out of your control ”

Edmundo P. - 12.02.2024

“Great organization, good atmosphere even on a rainy day!!!”

Anonymous - 12.02.2024

“Event is wonderful but Not organized well.”

Tanya L. - 12.02.2024

“Although not convenient for event planning (and safety), a personal preference for a challenging 1 or 2 mile swim is an out and back or a bigger course with fewer laps! To continue your well enjoyed event with all the distances, a grand finale where your mile is an out an back (or even better challenge across the bay,) with the smaller distances continuing directly in front of the areana to maintain safety. All in all, a most enjoyable,well organized event. Thank you to you and your team.”

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