Oman Road Cycling Race

8 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Abdullah R. - 18.12.2018

“was great and well orngnised well coumincated - Was excellent organization . well support and road was brilliant and drink was sufficient ”

Anonymous - 16.12.2018

“The worst cycling race I ever did - Not well organized, no marking on road, no water station. It seems that event was only fastest cyclist who can ride at least 40km/h. Though route was straight forward but while ending there were many turns with no marshals and no signs on road. Speedy vehicles were passing by but there was no control on traffic. Will never take risk in future.”

Anonymous - 25.11.2018

“Great ride route, good first time experience - Good first event - route was stunning and overall pretty well organised. An extra feed station could be added and the signage towards the end was a bit lacking. Really nice friendly atmosphere. Liked the fact a 'breakfast' was provided but the quality of this was poor and not really appropriate food.”

Anne K. - 25.11.2018

“Lack of facilities - There was no toilet at the event. Lack of marshaling and signages and no road closures. For the non Omani residents, a race map would be helpful.”

Anonymous - 25.11.2018

“Good overall event. - Shirt provided is cheap brand. Was expecting something better. Also marshalling and water stations were less (Specially on the way back)”

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