Old School Challenge 4th Edition

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Abdulla A. - 30.01.2023

“Very great experience , enjoyed it a lot ”

Anonymous - 23.01.2023

“the organization was not up to the standard that we usually get. ”

Anonymous - 23.01.2023

“I completely almost every obstacle, ran hard & fast. Second Lady obstacle I couldn’t . I got disqualified . Fair enough . But to see ladies on the podium & receiving CASH prizes that ran straight past & didn’t even try some obstacles. Not fair ? this wasn’t nice. In my age category the lady 1st on the podium barely trie! So I shouldn’t have been so honest … as those cheated won prizes. Why pay money for entry for this. Have all Marshall’s be strict & obstacles for ladies & penalties. Rigged ”

Anonymous - 22.01.2023

“1. I couldn't understand the instructions as they spoke only Arabic. 2. It was not a fair run. Most of the children didn't pass many obstacles. ”

Kate H. - 22.01.2023

“- there needs to be different rules for different categories, Inc. Age Group…penalty loop/burpee for failing obstacle. The rule that you HAD to complete all obstacles was too hard unless you’re an advanced OCR athlete. There were so many DQ results after the event, and this will put people off participating in the future - first multi-rig was too high, impossible unless you were an advanced OCR - bear crawl net needed softer landing - well organized and great event overall though”

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