Mushrif Park X-Country Run: 15,10,5,3,1.5k Race2/3

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Marika M. - 03.02.2019

“great location and lovely sport spirit - All was great and I enjoyed the race......the only comment is regarding the fork was confusing and nobody was there to assist runners to take the right way...…..the runner should always know the correct way to take but some help at that fork would have helped. Other than that the event was great! Thanks ”

Anonymous - 03.02.2019

“Perfect conditions - Well-organised (nice getting in before 7:30 too), fun route and a good race. Perfect conditions at this time of year!”

Simon P. - 02.02.2019

“Well organised and friendly spirit - Top work from the Supersports team. A perfect morning to be running in Mushrif Park. Very well organised. A serious challenge for those who want to hit it hard, and a friendly family morning for those who just want to have fun.”

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