MTB Arabia - Gravity

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Overall Rating
Michael J. - 20.01.2023

“Need to run more events!”

Anonymous - 16.01.2023

“Winner No Cash Price given. ”

Tristan D. - 16.01.2023

“The only problem was the track's quality. Damaged from the rain, but there was not much. Overall it was very fun, and I received my times for the competition fast!”

Abednezer G. - 15.01.2023

“It was excellent. This kind of activity should be encouraged to motivate bikers.”

Anonymous - 15.01.2023

“Maybe consider having an ambulance on site for the whole race. ”

Andro D. - 15.01.2023

“Great track - "send it downhill so you can fly uphill"! Friendly people all around, great competitive spirit, timing system way better than before, cool T-shirt&medal. Good quality race number - did not tear (although slightly big and plastic). Somebody already said having medics on stand-buy. Great idea. Sponsors to provide small items for lucky draw. More toilets. Perhaps on-site mechanics for small fixes before race run. Perhaps junior category (not mix with Expert)? But GREAT event overall!”

Reimur B. - 15.01.2023

“A lot of XC race activity here in UAE, they should do the race with more downhill instead of uphill. The tittle''Gravitý'' is not appropriate IMHO. ”

Anonymous - 15.01.2023

“Cgg f fc g g g”

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