MTB Arabia Enduro - By Fujairah Adventures

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Overall Rating
Franz S. - 26.12.2021

“+ the environment and ambience was wonderful + the effort of the organisers and all helpers, marshalls, doctors, workers etc. was amazing - the total time of 11 minutes competition was a bit short (but we knew upfront), more than 3 hours waiting was a lot. - the 30 seconds intervall was sometimes too short and might have cost my wife a place on the victory picture”

Vivianne Kay R. - 26.12.2021

“Most of the certificates of over all categories are lost. Specially to ladies. It is means to others who participated. But the rest is great. Specially to the trail, i love it. Good job!”

Anonymous - 26.12.2021

“ Not Organised properly total chaos”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“Happy to be part of this event this year?well organized.. keep up the good work”

Abdulmajeed A. - 25.12.2021

“The event was awesome and the tickets price is cheap as there is lunch as well. ”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“Not organized.. even the medics are not properly assigned. Even the T-shirt's are nit properly distributed.. ”

Kizmine Lei R. - 25.12.2021

“Some certificates are lost of the top 10 winners.. but overall very good”

Malik F. - 25.12.2021

“It was a different competition experience altogether which you won't find in any other location in UAE as of now. The arrangement of the event was well organized. Overall the entire event encountered me to come back to participate each and every event organized by Fujairah Adventure. Keep up the good work. ”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“Not properly organize especially the distribution of free tshirt to the participants and even the timing of the chips because my time in every stage nothing i hope you can improve more”

Crisver P. - 25.12.2021

“Lack of marshall and the organizer is always late”

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