Masfout Trail Run 2024

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Khusaif A. - 12.02.2024

“المسار ممتاز والتنظيم جيد والا حتفالية رائعة وإختيار الموقع جميل فقط كان هناك نقطة واحدة وهي تأشير المسار غير واضح ”

Anastasiya P. - 12.02.2024

“Great Race ! Very well organized. For all trail run lovers. I really enjoyed the panorama. ”

Philippe P. - 12.02.2024

“One of the best race I ever attended. Great venue, well organized !”

Peter V. - 12.02.2024

“Great route (very challenging in the hills). Race start timing made no sense. The 10 runners would always be quicker. Why send them off only 5 mins after the 24km runners. From the 3rd to 8th km there were constantly faster runners trying to get past…”

Abdelaziz A. - 12.02.2024

“الطريق يضيع والمتطوعين على الطريق يغلطونك في المسار ”

Anonymous - 12.02.2024

“The signals to know which way is the right were not clear, and one missing, ending up in 30 people lost. This fact one a trail running competition ruin the experience”

Magdalena M. - 12.02.2024

“I did the 10k trail run and found it to be great and well organized. Only thing I would like to be changed is the podium for 10K to be presented sooner - we had to wait more than 2 hours for the presentation. ”

Aileen H. - 12.02.2024

“I love how your MC(I think an African guy) delivered his announcement specially those who is approaching the finished line and those who are going to the podium. He delivered well. Like me as 1st on my age category. Cleared and encouraging. The event for me is filled with sportsmanship again. As always Thank you.”

Guillaume L. - 12.02.2024

“Very nice event in a beautiful environment and organized by a very sweet team. Some from goodies (love the tshirt) and also some food stands after the finish line. I am giving this a 7 just because of one main thing, the track wasn’t clear and many people either lost time or did less than the actual distance and didn’t get to finish the race (DNF). When we were lost there was no one to help us find the track and we did only 19k in the end, but many staff members helped us in other areas. ”

Dikshith S. - 12.02.2024

“Well organised events, enough water stations and Photographs, good medal as well. But would like to highlight extremely challenging trail after like 1.5 Km its actually Hike extreme accent, narrow trail to be honest not at all safe for race. If someone becomes competitive hear it can put themself and others on risk. Trail running shoes should be mandatory in this trail.”

Meredith M. - 12.02.2024

“This was a beautiful race on well maintained trails. It was mostly well marked but there were a couple of junctions where there should’ve been a Marshall or a sign. Otherwise, the signage that was there was very clear. The aid stations were basic so perhaps in the race info it should be encouraged for racers to be self sufficient (besides water). However, most trail runs I’ve done this is always the case. This was a very enjoyable race with wonderful start/finish line vibes!”

Ameen A. - 12.02.2024

“It was outstanding event, enjoyed my first trail run in rain :), Well Organized. Thanks a lot .”

Ali A. - 12.02.2024

“The trail was good while it needed to increase the route signs.”

Fabien R. - 12.02.2024

“It was an amazing event with amazing sights and paths in the mountains The only downside: why specify compulsory safety equipment and not disqualify the few "world champions ??" without rucksacks, survival blankets... etc... who, for example, finished in the top places in the 24k and who even took the liberty of cheating by cutting the course trajectories (in front of the Marshalls, no less)... if you like, I have the race numbers... the philosophy of trail running is not cheating... shame on ”

Osama T. - 12.02.2024

“I got lost couple of times due to the lack of signs/marshals.”

Reymundo A. - 12.02.2024

“Route signages are not clear and very less.”

Saif A. - 12.02.2024

“Everything was great and amazing ”

Walid A. - 12.02.2024

“not enough guidance on race course”

Mariam A. - 12.02.2024

“Everything was good, thank you for the effort. Only that the route wasn't clear in few locations. ”

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