Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge

15 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Imad A. - 19.10.2022

“Well organized, and covered all our needs”

Oriol G. - 17.10.2022

“Great organisation and amazing atmosphere. Second time I register in this race and I’m just waiting for next year!! Well done organisers!!”

Valery R. - 17.10.2022

“Hello! Thank you for the event. Two comments: - please improve the marking of the track. During the race rush it ‘s very hard to remember the right turns, particularly, in the town. Most of plastic ribbons were torn after 1st lap. There was huge oportunity to take wrong turn. Also few big arrows are not enough for proper guidance. - please use stronger speakers for awarding ceremony. It was not audible due to crowd’s noise. Thanks!”

Anonymous - 17.10.2022

“Extra toilet facilities would have been great. Signage for sign-on wasn't so clear. Queued for some time before realising that the queue was for newbies and not elite. Coffee or food facilities for spectators would have been nice. Overall, really enjoyed the event and will definitely do it again next year. Thanks to all those that put the event on.”

Leneil P. - 17.10.2022

“Awesome trail and nice event good organized ”

Anonymous - 17.10.2022

“First time for me in Masfout area, very nice venue and track, well organized too.”

Bernnel D. - 17.10.2022

“Thanks to the organizers! Masfout is amazing! The tracks are great! Looking forward to the next race!”

Elie B. - 17.10.2022

“Excellent track, nice balance between uphill and downhill. Nice start and fi ish area with activities. Good marshall position to avoid mistakes in routes. Could be improve: lappers/newbies to give way as much as possible for fast riders. Must be told during briefing. Short race for kids = 2-3 kms? ”

Anonymous - 17.10.2022

“Nice route. Trail marking and preparing of technical sections and fast corner sections for racing could be better. Marshalls nice but need training on mtb racing instructions and controlling flow of newbies when elite riders coming. Zero safety briefing in pre-race information or on start line. Plenty of medical and water support for riders. Race numbers should be on the front of bike. Standard of MTB events in UAE has improved- this event needs to catch up a bit for next year.”

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