M1 Run 2019

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Ibrahim A. - 17.02.2019

“Amazing atmosphere and good timing - Most of the Run was great but the pre-brief was poor and if you don't ask you will not get the information, the route wasn't clear only when the race started.. The Media 1 staff did perfectly well but I hope the marshalling was better”

Anonymous - 17.02.2019

“M1 run 19 - 3rd time to participate. Well organised. Looking forward to next year ”

Susan H. - 16.02.2019

“Enjoyable event but lacking info for participants - ThiS event as it was a good challenge. However I recieved no pre race emails with information aside from payment receipt. There was no briefing before the race which would have been beneficial. More marshalling would have helped as I saw one runner spitting on the steps as he ran, which could be a massive hazard. I had to leave straight after the event to go to work and was refused my goodie bag as they would only distribute after ceremony, bit disappointed”

Maria Gloria I. - 16.02.2019

“Different! And Diffetent is good, And challenging! - Loved every part of it. Mostly the people working and organizing. Friendly and caring. I'll have to come back to Dubai!”

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