Kalba Half Marathon 2021

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 01.11.2021

“Everything is great but there are no free food or fruit, for me I bought some food but I feel sorry for participants that did not bring any money with them to buy it. Thank you ”

Anonymous - 31.10.2021

“Very nice organized! Good vibe and I love the fact that they are hosting events in the smaller cities ”

Justin G. - 31.10.2021

“It was an amazing experience. Very organized. The only negative thing for me was that it started 20 minutes late. ”

Abdulla Jasem A. - 30.10.2021

“It was fun and wish there would be more marathons”

Pradeep K. - 30.10.2021

“Great location, wonderful volunteers, great participation and a definitively grand experience.”

Anonymous - 30.10.2021

“Awsome Marathon ? ? ?”

Phil Y. - 30.10.2021

“Excellent course, nice and flat. Water stops were great. Only downside ... Race started 20minutes later than planned for 21km run. This made it hotter towards the end and a large number of people were waiting in a small enclosed area for a long time without masks.”

Anonymous - 30.10.2021

“Proper signs to the start and point. as there were a lot of roads being repaired, allowance for parking should have been made for late arrivals”

Anonymous - 30.10.2021

“Thank you for everyone I was enjoy ”

Prasad H. - 30.10.2021

“Event was Good arranged and well managed,but only water was not there in Toilets ”

Anonymous - 30.10.2021

“Thank you for ever thinking .”

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