Joe Friel Tri Camp

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Mike B. - 22.01.2019

“Joe Friel keeps things simple but effective. - The camp was well organized with the right mix of instruction and practical execution. Joe presents the information in simple terms that are easy to understand and implement.I felt that I was racing and implementing the new techniques and achieving better results. Barb and Tracy provide great support for the whole weekend. I highly recommend attending a Joe Friel camp if you are serious about improving your triathlon performance. ”

Therese G. - 22.01.2019

“Highly Recommend - It is without hesitation that I would recommend this camp to any triathlete who wishes to improve their technique and race confidence. The event was very well organised and set in an ideal location. It was an honour to learn from Joe Friel, an experience that will stay with me for a long time. I left the camp with greater confidence in my abilities and look forward to putting my new skills into practice!”

Sossy D. - 20.01.2019

“A lot of learning in 1 day - I can't believe how much I have learned from this event, this was totally unexpected. I really hope that Joe can come back and we can have a 4 day to 1 week camp with him. That would be a great experience. Grow wings as usual have delivered a great event, really well organized and with an amazing atmosphere. Loved every moment we were there”

Mike H. - 20.01.2019

“Very imformative - Joe was excellent at getting information across in a very understandable way and he understood that we age group athletes and not pros!”

Sara K. - 20.01.2019

“An informative and enjoyable weekend! - From the moment we arrived at the hotel right through to our departure after the race debriefing, we not only had a most enjoyable weekend but one where we learned so much and we could put into pracitise the new skils/ideas there and then. Everything was clearly explained and demonstrated in both the practical and classroom sessions. An extremely well organised camp in a great location. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their triathlon skills!!”

Ali M. - 20.01.2019

“Growings Coaching - Growings Coaching are always looking for new ways to develop your skills and they work very much in depth about it ... Thx Ali M”

Noel T. - 19.01.2019

“Loved it! - Just great from first minute to the last. It was great to learn so many tips from Joe. Huge thank you to Trace and Barbs for organising. ”

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