IRONSTAR Indoor Triathlon Dubai - Race 3

18 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Danny M. - 27.09.2021

“Great fun event organised very well! ”

Nicky K. - 27.09.2021

“It was great to be back at it after so many events being cancelled or postponed over the last 18mths. Even though this was a short, very do-able triathlon, I really enjoyed it and it reminded me why I love the sport! Staff, especially those who kept track of our races, were energetic and encouraging. The registration was smooth and easy. My only criticism is to try and speed up the awards/breakfast process, I always want to just get back to my family asap, especially when it's on the weekend!”

Anonymous - 26.09.2021

“brilliant organisation and atmosphere I look forward to the next one”

Anonymous - 26.09.2021

“Fantastic and amazing! Thank you!”

Tammy U. - 26.09.2021

“Great event with a really supportive team. Recomend this as a challenge to help you train during summer. ”

Anonymous - 26.09.2021

“Excellent event, my first triathlon and wish to continue strongly....I'm nearing 50s and happy I did well, but unfortunately was not a winner. Please share the coach details for triathlon practices. ”

Elfira D. - 26.09.2021

“Great and well organized event!”

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