IHC Community Cycling Race 1

39 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Mae C. - 17.10.2023

“Great race, will do again for sure”

Abdullah A. - 16.10.2023

“My son, who has special needs, enjoyed the race. Thank you for all the facilities provided ”

Marc S. - 16.10.2023

“Well organized race which i enjoyed very much”

Gabe C. - 16.10.2023

“great, thank you very much”

Anonymous - 16.10.2023

“Very organised I'm happy to be part of this event as a newbie in cycling industry I got a 4rt place in my category ”

George C. - 16.10.2023

“Really enjoyed it. Great way to do prize giving also. Thanks”

Kati S. - 16.10.2023

“didn't feel safe at all with all these riders who overtakes you left and right, they should respect the cycling rules and stay in a cycling peloton. Beside that it was very well organized and the breakfast venue was amazing - thank you so much for that!”

Rollan R. - 16.10.2023

“Make the race numbers light and please use a shorter cable tie. ”

Anonymous - 16.10.2023

“Would have preferred a neutral start for the first 1km”

Dennis U. - 16.10.2023

“The diffent groups should start in separate races. Lapping makes racing so dangerous ”

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