IGNITE Pink is Punk Swim Run 2018

6 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 15.10.2018

“Race day organisation lets this event down again - A few small changes would improve this event so much, and the same things go wrong every year and changes are never implemented. There is no signage on the run, with marshals who seem to have no idea what is happening or where to direct confused stressed runners. Even 1 sign at the end of lap 1 would save so much confusion as the Marshall would not have to direct each individual. Lap 1 with an arrow and lap 2 with an arrow. In fact just arrows at all junctions! And marker on the beach to sight”

Anonymous - 07.10.2018

“Fun, good cause - Very fun”

Anonymous - 07.10.2018

“I really enjoyed this event and would do again. - This event was what I expected an more, I loved the environment and would go back there next year. ”

Marielyse M. - 06.10.2018

“Great cause.. better organization - Pack collection could have been organized better. Pre booked sizes but didnt have.”

Carryn M. - 06.10.2018

“Ok - areas for improvement - The swim leg was confusing, the map made it look like a 2 lap course. Would have been helpful to have a marshal at the swim exit or at the transition area to guide you. I would like to have had a timing chip so I good see my performance and compare to others. Overall, ok event but some areas for improvement ”

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