Ice Warrior IX

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 15.10.2018

“Excellent event - Great event as always, challenging obstacles, tough course and amazing marshals who supported all the way. Really nice atmosphere because of the team on the course. I enjoyed the music too! ”

Anonymous - 01.10.2018

“recomanded - I didn't get the photos after the race ”

Anonymous - 29.09.2018

“ - ”

Tarek E. - 22.09.2018

“Great event great atmosphere! - Just a few comments here and there about preevent communication, marshalling, route guidance, caughting cheating people, pack collection stations....”

Mohammed A. - 21.09.2018

“Need to be better organised outside the race track - Mainly the race was focused upon the first three categories & the just for fun category was not accompanied with the same attention from the marshalls, reception, security. Even when we enterd the race there was no attention, we had to ask for everything. We where supposed to start at 9:50 am but unfortunately we didint. No refreshments were available after we finished the race nor water. I like the idea but these small things really matter. Thanks Best Regards Wish you all the best ”

Comment from Premier Online - 21.09.2018
“We're sorry you felt you had this experience. The Just for Fun category was published as having a start window of 9:50-10:30 and it started at exactly 9:50 and, due to a few no-shows, actually had an earlier finish for the last team. Refreshments were available until after the last finisher had arrived. All instructions were provided equally over the PA system; we're sorry if you missed any of these or felt you received less attention than anyone else.”

Kamal A. - 21.09.2018

“Great event - Keep up the good work”

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