Hatta Ramadan Championship: Race Run

20 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Hala R. - 15.04.2023

““Bad organising, no medal, unsafe Road, no water stations. After all of this, and after finishing the 6km, results showed that i didn’t even started !! ”

Sarah A. - 15.04.2023

“Bad organising, no finisher medal although it was mentioned that there will be medal in the registration page, unsafe Road, no water stations, I had cramps in my abs that slowed me down I couldn't find any medical care around me until finish line, and so many reason and details that was really horrible, worst race I have ever been to in all means.”

Anonymous - 15.04.2023

“The marathon was badly organize. People are running on side of the road while cars are also passing, medic and ambulance are rarely found, parking and even toilet were hard to find. Hope to improve everything next time”

Mohamad Molham T. - 15.04.2023

“Bad organizing, lied on timing, no water or freebies, paid 75 nothing to just run when I could have done it at home”

Anonymous - 15.04.2023

“Time has been re-schedule from the original date, and no medal has been distrusted as per the original registration ”

Anonymous - 15.04.2023

“ Result say i didn't attended how is that !!!!!!”

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