Gulf Bank 642 Marathon

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Martin R. - 22.01.2024

“Postponed and not been given the refund yet Terrible ”

Frances M. - 22.01.2024

“This event was rescheduled, we were travelling from the UAE to attend and we're unable to change our flights. 2 months on and we still have no refund, despite chasing this multiple times.”

Amy E. - 22.01.2024

“Really badly planned, All the water stations had run out of water.I managed to get some at 13k(approx) had to queue to get water. Just use bottle and ensure there is enough. You say u are being sustainable, there are many other ways to do this without being dangerously low on water and interrupting runner’s rhythm. Secondly, there were only 8 toilets per gender, I had to queue for 45 mins to use the toilet. This meant I started the run 10mins late . Shockingly bad organisation ”

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