FBMA Ladies Run Race 4

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Beyan A. - 06.09.2023

“I think the award category shall be recognizing the different categories such as age, as the younger athletics are better performers than elders athletics. One more thing about celebrating the award, maybe more time to be given to the winners ”

Amna A. - 06.09.2023

“This was the worst one of all, no participants even out of how every time its getting worse .. the medals were wooden too after paying 90 dhs per registration you would expect better quality race ”

Anonymous - 06.09.2023

“I didn't like the medal and there were no prizes”

Rasha K. - 06.09.2023

“The race should delay till Oct du to the weather, there should be age groups, and the boudoim place should be bright, more light should be used.”

Mariam A. - 06.09.2023

“No sign for the 2nd loop, marshals directed me to the wrong rout. I lost time in the wrong direction so it was too late to complete and I was counted as DNF”

Anonymous - 06.09.2023

“It’s was really nice. First time doing this experience would so do it again!!!”

Anonymous - 06.09.2023

“No organised , very bad , not sure about timing I went at 5 and the race started 6:29 .. last time I do any activity with FBMA.. very bad race Cheap medal, bad quality t shirt ”

Rajaa A. - 06.09.2023

“It’ was too humid No age group winner ”

Mamtha G. - 06.09.2023

“Pathetic arrangement I must say - no punctuality, mic wasn’t working half the time, overall if it is an event form Abu Dhabi sports council, expect it to be a bit more structured and organized adding some valuable goodies for the winners ”

Mariam B. - 06.09.2023

“The race was a disappointed. I havent received email regarding the race details, and the premier online website was down. I almost missed the race when I arrived, because I had no idea when was the check-in and when race started. During the race in the first lap the first water station the volunteers were sitting, but they didnt place the water bottle on the table. The podium had no numbering, you cant tell who is 2nd place and who is in 3rd place. Overall, this particular race I will avoid”

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