FBMA Ladies Run

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Katy C. - 31.05.2023

“The course itself was good, much preferred it to the other courses where we do 2 loops and end up having 4 hills! However, there was no atmosphere, barely anyone there, no music throughout the course, very few people cheering us on etc. The event didn’t seem very well organised to be honest, we started late and there was some confusion with results & presentation. I think some better marketing would have been beneficial, many of us only learned of the event 1 week before”

Alanood S. - 31.05.2023

“Only After the race needs more organized but before and during is amazing ”

Hanaa A. - 29.05.2023

“every thing is perfect see you soon thanks”

Anonymous - 24.05.2023

“Good, fun, organised, easy run.”

Anonymous - 24.05.2023

“Photography should be prohibited except for those who want it. They sent us the photos even though I asked not to appear in the photos.”

Anonymous - 24.05.2023

“This time there wasn't sign board for km and distance ”

Alya A. - 24.05.2023

“It would be appreciated if men didn’t attend at the beginning of the run.”

Serena C. - 24.05.2023

“The staff were really helpful and it's a great event. They did not have enough tshirts which is a real shame especially as you pay a fee that includes them!”

Anonymous - 24.05.2023

“Did not receive an email till race eve with info. ”

Sandra N. - 24.05.2023

“Really enjoyable event, well organised ”

Joanna B. - 24.05.2023

“Lovely event and well-organized! Wish there was some Pocari Sweat. I am still awaiting my podium medal from the FBMA running event in September. ”

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